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Water Diet Day 1

Front image_drinking-water


Today I started my Water diet. This is to help me gain control back over my body. I have been horrible with Sugar, Salt, and over all healthy eating. I will log my day to day experience during this diet. I spent most of my day researching the side effects. I think I’m ready to tackle this.


I felt normal missing breakfast was no big deal because I normally miss breakfast. Started the morning on several bottles of water varying from room temperature to cold. Pictures of food on the internet cloud my mind. I proceed to work harder to take my mind of off the lure of food.

After Noon:

So its Lunch time and I am definitely looking at leaving the office as normal for my normal meal and chill time in my car. Today I have to sit in the care with nothing to eat. I read my normal news sites but it feel like somethings missing :) .

Its now after 2:30pm I start thinking about food more questioning if I should postpone the water diet til tomorrow. Thoughts of eating small snacks¬† just curb my appetite go through my mind. I don’t cave I’m going to win this battle against my body.¬† I can feel it telling me that I’m hungry. I can feel my taste buds reminding me whats good to eat. But I ignore it and move forward. Getting another bottle of water to drink and going to the bathroom immediately after like I have no stomach.

Doing a Job that requires high levels of concentration seems to help me progress throughout the day. If I can make it while I’m at home I think I can do this. I have already thought of several things to tackle when I get home to keep me from sitting and thinking about food.


I am going to be early to limit my time to think about snacks and cakes. I can see why they link high amounts of food consumption to addictive drugs. I am feigning for something good. Ribeye Steaks, Cotton Candy, Plain potato chips are among some of the foods. If today was like this one can only imagine what Day 2-4 will be like.

See you guys tomorrow.

Weight: 236

Height 6’3