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Why the XBOX One keep’s getting better and better

HERO - 0114_OutWindows_tv19_011815

How they got here:

Microsoft has been on a roll lately. Windows 10 has been a success and the X1 has been getting better and better. I downloaded Windows 10 on launch day and the upgrade process from 8.1 was quick and seamless. Microsoft has been very open about asking the people what they would like to see. We first saw this with the X1 Feedback page. This new request and voting site allowed users to request features that we enjoyed on the X360 and suggest new ones. I think this simple yet effective approach is changing the culture of Microsoft. We all know Apple is a very good Hardware company. But Microsoft is the King of software and they are starting to flex their muscle. Some may read this and say Window Vista and Windows 8 were duds. Since then, I have seen fresh ideas that go against the old thinking of past employees at Microsoft.

X1 Features

  • New X1 Controller
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Consistent Games
  • Windows 10 Streaming
  • DVR over-the-air
  • And the update preview program

We are coming up on 2 years for the life of the X1. Since render gate “1080p” and the PR disaster at launch.  Microsoft has been steady and rebuilt its reputation of the best All in one Console. If we were to look at the console growth over the last 2 years it has been tremendous. Sony built a great console but what was great 2 years ago might not be great now. You have to keep one upping the software since that is the only thing that you can change during the console’s life cycle.

In the end Microsoft has to keep doing what its doing. Am I saying that it will catch up to the PS4 in console sales? No. But as an owner I am pleased with how they have rebounded and made a great product.  XBL live has remained a dominate social platform over PlayStation. The software is great and consistently changing so the look and features don’t get stale. In the end Software makes hardware great not the other way around.