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Apple Watch

After years of speculation, mock images, and fake prototypes Apple has delivered the Apple Watch. I can personally say I have been waiting for this before taking a dive into the Smart Watch realm. First I have to give Apple a A- on the keynote yesterday. I thought Apple wouldn’t be able to meet the expectation with this keynote. I believed the hype would exceed them and cause people to become underwhelmed by the slight modifications of the IPhone series. I was wrong, they exceeded my expectation of the Phone upgrades and essentially delivered a different feel and personability that these other makers just are committing to.

When I think of Apple biggest competition I see Samsung and it Galaxy Tab & Note series. Samsung has made great strides not only in the performance but in the feature sections. It just feels like the device is being stuff with a lot of useless features.  Samsung is also limited by google’s OS which means you get the customization but the consistency is still lacking. Also just for the info I do own both an Apple Phone and a Galaxy phone which I just moved to the LG G3 Android phone. So this is a opinion but an opinion that has substance from a known user.

Apples biggest advantage and weakness is that its a Software and Hardware maker. This gives it the ability to more closely intertwine the software with the hardware for better performance and security. This also creates a walled garden for other vendors to attempt to design phones for the iOS. This sole reason give Apple a huge leg up on the competition when if comes to compatibility, upgrades, and consistency. The draw back is the price. Apple gives you high quality devices but they aren’t so sophisticated that you cant get another device from its competitors that wouldn’t be comparable or allow you to do the same things. “Why spend the money on a Lamborghini when you can get a Lexus and it will get you from point A to Point B and you will have cash left over” Apple sells us on this exclusive club that cost a premium to join but they guarantee you consistency and ease of use.


Apple Watch 

Apple has found a way to bring you the apps from your phone to your wrist. No more reach inside your pocket to pull out your phone only to see its someone you don’t want to talk to. Quickly view emails or text without having to navigate from screen to screen. Now this sound exciting and it is, the only setback I see now is that you will still be required to be tethered to your IPhone in some way. But Apple knows that we wont be getting away from the phones anytime soon. Plus they don’t want to cannibalize their own phone shares, It was smart give the consumer what they want and profit without losing out on your core service.


Most would say Wow 350$ what feature would you say warrants the additional 100 dollars over the competitors Smart Watches. 3 words are needed Quality, Consistency, and Performance. That’s it! Your grandmother could learn you use it and it will last.



-Ease of use

-Thousands of Apple Developers that will be happy to design apps for it.

-Water Proof up to 1 meter


In the end Apple has gained more power they have created the kind of device unity that Microsoft has done with its Software. As long as they stick to their principles they will be able to reach out to more technologies. Only the Future can know.