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Cleveland Cavaliers Preview


LeBron returns home after 4 years amassing 4 conference championships & 2 rings. Cleveland has been stacking it players as if they knew this day would come. I’m not going to claim some conspiracy theory but I will say Cleveland has had some of the best luck the last 7 years. I want to cover the new Cavs team and address some of there strengths and weaknesses. I also want to attempt to gauge the amount of chemistry they will have come the season opener.

Lets cover this new roster

Projected Starters

Point Guard: Kyrie Irving  ppg: 20.8

Shooting Guard: Dion Waiters ppg: 15.9

Small Forward: Lebron James ppg: 27.1

Power Forward: Kevin Love ppg: 26.1

Center:  Anderson Varejao ppg: 8.4


They also have:

Shawn Marion

Mike Miller

Tristan Thompson

Matt Dellavedova

Brendan Haywood

and Possibly Ray Allen (He brings the highest level of professionalism that is needed for the Cavs to use as a baseline for work ethnic)

With this roster you can’t say the Cavs will be as disruptive on Defense as the Miami Heat were. In a way comparing this team to the heat would be apples to oranges. One was built upon Defense and the other Offense. Defense will always win out but a well oiled offensive machine is unstoppable. Check out the spurs.


  • Go to guys – The Cavs don’t have a shortage of go guys on this team All of the started aside from Varejao are capable of closing a game.
  • Passing – LeBron works well on teams that have good passing skills. Kevin Love, Varejao, and Kyrie are all underrated passers.
  • Offensive attack- They Cavs can attack in a number of different ways. Perimeter, Driving, and are somewhat capable of scoring from post.



  • Chemistry – I’m a little skeptical on the relationship of Kyrie and Dion its almost like a business relationship. I feel like they tolerate each other I hope LeBron’s presence can make it more of a family. You have to like each other to make it far accept the good and the bad.
  • Defense- Although LeBron is a defensive stopper the reset of the core guys are not known to play great defense. I still think they will need to establish some sort of defensive mentality.
  • Expectations- LeBron is perfectly capable of handling expectations to an extent. The expectations for this team may be on par with the Heat First year I’m sure LeBron doesn’t want that.


I can always tell if a team will have good spacing on the court if they all have different hot zones.

Lebron Hot Zone Left corner

Kyrie Hot Zone Top of the Key

Dion Hot Zone Left Wing

Kevin Love Hot Zone Top of the Key or Left Wing

Anderson Varejao Hot Zone any crumbs around the basket

Check out my guy Kirk Goldsberry for a more professional and statistical reason behind my madness Click Here

As you can see several of the players have overlapping hot zones. This leads me to believe that they will have some spacing problems.  a lot of the time guys may be forced into taking shots that they are not comfortable with resulting in lower FG %. The good thing is that players like Mike Miller and Shawn Marion are right side shooters and can provide the spacing needed. Ray Allen was this guy for the Heat always This isn’t a proven theory by any stretch but only time will tell if they can mesh and push Cleveland to the elusive Championship.

The Cavs have the highest level of players, some in their prime others just on the cusp. They will definitely be a threat this year if they can get on the same page quickly with chemistry.

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