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XBOX One Impressions

I have had my time to play the XBOX ONE and really dig into the settings and Game play. I’m going to share some of my thoughts with you.


This setup was easy to configure but the learning curve was pretty big. I used the Kinect with my 360 but not to the extent that the voice could completely control my system let alone the TV and any other game. I spent 3 full days retraining myself to become accustom to the Kinect 2.0 system. The training is something that I would compare to the iPhone when it first debut Siri. Its something you like having but don’t feel cool using it all the time. Once you begin to understand how to utilize the hardware you noticed navigating between menus is rather quick when using voice support.


This was touted by Major Nelson and other before the launch informing you that to get the best performance from your system you will want to have IPv6 provided by your ISP and or internal router. Knowing this and being an pro IPv6 guy. I went out and got a new beefy AC1700 router. Once I got the Xbox One  and noticed no IPv6 controls and no support for AC wireless spectrum. Microsoft has to understand that to really bring in technology on these new consoles the first think that will be tested is speed of the network. You dont want your console to be the bottleneck for slow performance. Microsoft has noted that a software update can allow the system to utilize AC wireless speeds.


This was something Microsoft has had tons of experience with so to see how they handled the game updates and system updates was rather disappointing. I wanted the system to improve upon the update system from the x360 where the updates come through and don’t request you to accept it. They did remove the update request that causes you to have to disconnect from Xbox live and download and install the update but new game updates are downloaded prior to playing the game. This slows down your process of opening a new game and playing it immediately.

Game Installs- 

Microsoft dropped the ball on this one. They were highly touted for having the fasted start game and play setup on the x360. Now with this new blue-ray drive you have to wait about 10-20 mins before you can start playing the full game. Also the fast start only allows you to play campaign modes first during the installation process this if with the downloaded titles. (Note with a future update they will give you the ability to choose the multi player or campaign to install first.


The performance of the system is great. People have some thoughts on the PlayStation’s GPU and Memory performance and give it the trophy for best performing system. But think about how the XBOX One has integrated TV, Voice, and Snap features. This device is clearly more next gen than the PS4. Currently the Xbox is getting crap for games performing at native resolution of 900p while delivering 60 fps. When you look at a release game like Forza that is delivering both 1080p resolution and 60fps why are other games having trouble with this. I  believe right now the coding for these games is more cram than polish once they start to understand how to best maximize the hardware this 1080p issue will disappear leaving only the features that will separate the two consoles and truthfully you can just do more on the X1.

Questions on design-

These are my unanswered questions on the design of the X1.

  • Why did they move to a Kinect featured interface? (Makes me think they put to much though into the kinect the addition of good voice recognition is good enough Gesture is over rated)
  • Why did they move away from changeable internal hard drives? (The games are bigger, 500gb is not enough to last through to the next iteration) They have to give us the ability to upgrade the harddrive I have a hybrid SSD 2TB drive that would be great.
  • What prompted them to not improve upon the Party chat? (Instead they broke it hopefully they will have this fixed with the march update. I was expecting a full featured chat menu with the ability to break the party into groups for versus.)
  • DRM removal? This was something that I felt could have been a big game changer. I wanted the ability to share games with friends and borrow. This to me would have been better than trading in used games for less than the value to criminals like game stop.