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Jermey Lin – Is he Underrated or Overrated?

My question to the masses is Jeremy Lin underrated? To help you get to your decision I’m going to give you some background stats for this year. Now for a guy like Lin using stats alone will not be enough to grade his worth as a player.

Lin has played in 18 games this year. He started the preseason with the Houston Rockets before being release and picked up by the Knicks. He played 9 games with the Knicks off the bench were he played for no more that 10 Min’s. Even then his efficiency was really good for a player with limited time.  His breakout game came February 4th when he logged 36 min and put up an impressive 25 Points – 7 Assist – 5 Rebounds. These stats to some seem like an anomaly that you would only see this once, but Lin continues to post excellent numbers.

Averaging 27p- 5r – 11a

I enjoy watching him play because he an exceptional ball player. I still have guys who wont give him credit for what he’s doing. People don’t know how hard it is to put up numbers like this in the NBA. Guys who do it on a night to night bases are considered some of the best in the game add in the condensed schedule and its even more impressive to see a guy basically a rookie come in to the league and put a team on his back. The Knicks were all but written off for this season. Carmelo struggling to play with Amar’e and Landry Fields no where as good as he was last year. Questions circled about Mike D’Antoni departure and possibly putting Carmelo or Amar’e on the trading block. This team was going no where until they allowed Jeremy Lin to have his chance and he took it and ran.

This is your basic sports underdog movie happening in real life and I expect a movie within the next couple of years. People try to make this a racial thing but in the sport of basketball if you can play you can play. People may look at you in the beginning and try to guess your skills but that doesn’t mean they classify you once they see you play. Lin had a huge advantage when it came to him playing he doesn’t fit the stereotypical NBA player. He is very  humble and down to earth. I could see myself playing with him at the local gym. So people are caught off guard by the quickness, shooting ability, and athleticism he brings every night he’s on the floor. His game is very aggressive and he is a crafty player, he going to attack the defence for 38 mins and your either going to make adjustments or your going to lose.

NBA 2K12

Jeremy Lin’s rating was increased by 16 points based on his recent play. He is now a 75. Guys immediately jump on the bandwagon and expected him to do things like Kobe and Lebron. He is not that player he will not dunk on 3 people or go 7 for 8 from 3. To use Lin effectively you must know how to use the pick and roll. Learn how to drive and dish to a cutting big. The Knicks team has grown tremendously better since the beginning of February with the acquisition of J. R. Smith I believe they will definitely be a contender if Amar’e and Carmelo can get on the same page. The Knicks have improved there defence behind the smoke screen that is Jeremy Lin.  Lets get back on topic. Back to my original question knowing that Jeremy Lin is rated a 75 on NBA2k do you think this rating is to high or to low? Here are a few other notable players with a 75 rating on the game.

Raymond Felton

Arron Brooks

Kyle Lowry

Rip Hamilton

Michael Beasley

Brandon Roy – Retired



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