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Activision “No pay no play”


Call of Duty Elite is it worth it? Lots can be said about this so call extention of the Call of Duty games. My thing is when is it ok to start charging extra for game content that should have been included in the games release.

I dont like spending 65 dollars for a game only to find out there is a limited amount of maps. Activision is starting to charge a flat fee for map packs, clan matches, and the ability to see detailed statistics. The people who aren’t knowlegable about this service and the content that used to be free are fine with spending 50 dollars additional per year for this. Me personally I think its a scam. Remember the days when your game was made to keep you satisfied until the next release. Now companies purposely release games that are incomplete due to deadlines that are hard to reach. The new thing is to release your game and then finish it through patches or map packs. Activision thinks it’s ok to keep its 20 pieces of content locked in a safe and release it to you in bits…… On top of this they will charge you 50 dollars a year for it. So for a game like MW3 that you paid 65 dollars for on the release date you now pay 115 dollars for the same game. They must think we are stupid.

Bungie released Halo 2, 3, and Reach with stats and the ability to make your own maps, record your gameplay videos and play against others in team play. And you’re telling me that now with all the advances in technology we have to pay for this. I just dont like being taken advantage of and if we allow Activision to do this other companies will follow. Do you want a scenario that has you paying 120 bucks for games?

Stop this before it gets worse don’t purchase Call of Duty Elite

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