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We want more from Xbox 720

Next Year will be the release year for the Next Gen Xbox Console. Already there are a number of rumors that are circulating about what will be included in the Next Gen device.

Here are a few: The Nintendo Wii is slated to release a updated console that will be slightly more powerful than the current XBox and it will use a Tablet like controller that will act as a streaming link to the console. It was met with little excitement so it’s confusing to me why Microsoft would go the same route. It’s funny that all consoles are going back to a Dreamcast like controller. When the biggest dislike was that it was to bulky.

No more borrowing

Among other things rumored one was that the new device is expected to only allow you to play new games. Playing used games will be a thing of the past. This will be the biggest upset out of any of the other reports. I currently use Gamefly for most of the games I play. Implementing a thing like this will definetly be a direct attack against the company and others like Gamestop. Forcing users to pay full price for games that suck and knowing that you are unable to return or sell to a friend would be a crime. Microsoft was late in allowing customers the ability to view avi video formats. I bet during the sample testing they will find this is not a good solution. I hope that this rumor is not true because things like this is what makes people look for ways to bypass there system security.

System Specs

The current system specs of the system would put the next console performance around 10 times more powerful than the current system. I want the most powerful system available but I think Microsoft should look into allowing upgradable components. They really stretched the life span of this current Xbox well beyond what any of us imagined. I don’t really like the thought of a console lasting 10 years with no true upgradable parts. If you look at the current PC setups compared to the Xbox you will find that we are running dinosaur compared to top of the line machines. I want the developers to be pushed in making the best possible game available. Meaning I don’t want them to be limited by hardware capabilities five years down the road. Microsoft makes a ton of money in add-on parts anyway unlike Sony who included a lot of parts in its initial release. Microsoft charges $60 for controllers, $50 for wireless Mics, $100 harddrives and $20 for there wired mics that break for any reason. Here is the rumored specs for the Xbox 720.

Based on the AMD 6000 series, it will be similar to the Radeon HD 6670, bringing support for DirectX11, multi-display, 3D and 1080p HD graphics. If you are a PC gamer these specs will definitely put you to sleep. Microsoft is not a hardware company so I hope they listen to the developers for ideas on what is possible in the next few years.

Game Engines

Unreal 4 Expected Release 2014

CryEngine 4 Expected release 2013

Bungie is building a new Engine from the ground up for Activision.


In the end we want a system that blows our mind and takes us so far into the future that we don’t mind paying 1000 bucks to get it. Don’t sell us a cheap device and say oh this will last forever. Microsoft has the chance to build on something great but they must tread lightly on whether being cheap is the best way to go. Sony Failed last year only because there device didn’t have the right PR and their software was lacking. Hardware is important and in some cases more so than software. All we can do is hope right now, we know this Microsoft is the king of software and Sony is the king of hardware. In a perfect world they would work together and make a system so unique that PC games and Console games would be on the same page but its only a dream.



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