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Mass Effect 3 Demo

Played the demo this morning with the Kinect voice controls and I have to admit this game is going to be amazing.

Release Date March 6, 2012

I was one of the many that thought the Kinect features would be lame and would get old quick but this could be the best gaming experience I have had since… ever. When you are able to speak naturally and get your squad members to react to situations that before required you to fumble through your menus to switch weapons or select special moves. I am a user of the Siri assistant on the IPhone 4s so this is a refreshing feature. With use you will learn to love the ability to switch between voice and physical controls to move through battles and make the gaming experience more fluid.

About the Demo with this demo you can tell they worked closely on the texture of the skin and environment. The initial intro gives you a feeling like your watching “War of the worlds”. I don’t want to  give away to many tidbits of the story but lets just say once you complete the demo you are going to want more. You make your way back to the Normandy and you feel as if you never stopped playing. The voice command for some will be a bit confusing you’ll have to train you mind to use the voice commands for certain things and to use the Xbox controller for others. The enemy is very aggressive and will not sit back and let you think about what weapon you want to use so you will need to be very accurate when deciding your approach and keeping time on your Crew special moves regeneration. I love being able to walk by a downed teammate and say revive to restore there health this lets me feel like I’m still keeping my focus on the battle.

I believe if done correctly a lot of developers will marry the Kinect feature into the game play for a smoother experience.   I can see the use of this on games like Call of duty and Gears of War where you would speak to revive  players, reload, call in care packages, and mark targets or drop zones. The ability to completely control your player with voice controls is an impossible goal. The draw backs of voice controls is the delay. In a competitive world speed and reaction is everything and when you throw in the voice accuracy I think you are looking to fail. I do think there is a market in the Kid game category but that the only place I can see it.

Keep an eye out for this game and have your 60$ because this will be a must have.


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