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The Art of trash talk

Trash-talk is a form of boast or insult commonly heard in competitive situations (such as sports or Gaming events). It is often used to intimidate the opposition, but can also be used in a humorous spirit.

I tend to use this to make games fun. Obviously trash talking someone when you’re not good at a game is the fastest way to be ridiculed. I tend to use this when facing opponents I know are not of a high caliber. I play NBA 2k12 faithfully everyday. I have been playing this franchise since the original on Dreamcast. I have ranked in the top 20 at least 6 times over the last 12 version with 2 top 5 rankings. So let me tell you if you plan on talking trash to me I expect you to be really good. Normally what happens to most player is they have guys they play in there inner circle and those guys never really peak skill wise. So they believe they are better than they really are. Unless you’ve played against top tier competition and you believe you have the tools to beat almost anyone you can not come into any party and call people out.

The point of trash talking is to make your opponent believe he can beat you before you play and then embarrassing him while you crush him. This is hilarious if you haven’t tried it please do. We also have like to do the party bomb attack this is when you jump in a party of guys playing a specific game with a buddy of yours who is equally good and you call out people by telling them you will smash them by 50. Everyone in a party has one guy who will always fall for this trap. He will get really mad and say play me now “no ones going to talk to me that way” you will play him and destroy him in front of the entire party. This to me is the most satisfying way to game.

There is also the guys who trash talk during the game to get people to play out of there normal style. This too is an effective way of playing if your game is not affected by you trash talking. I find this funny also people sometime turn off there mic just to concentrate. When you get into someones head and you are telling him what hes going to do before he does it.

Every so often I will run into someone who is very good at trash talking. For me some of the best trash talkers are from England. They say some of the funniest things and when you listen to thier accent it makes it hilarious. Me and a buddy of mine who is really good at trash talking were playing Call of Duty we met up against some guys from england and naturally we began trash talking. All of a sudden these guys had us laughing at the shit they where saying. I would tell you some of the shit they were saying but it was really (NO HOLDS BAR X rated). Really good trash talkers are hard to find. Primarly because the way the lobbies in games are made now you dont have enough time before or after the game to build on your trash talking skills. The best games that had perfect trash talking lobbies were Halo 2 COD MW1, and NBA 2k5. These to me were the holy grail of trash talking games. These games allowed you to play for 15 mins and trash talk for 30 or more. Then looking at gamertags and starting up private matches really made it fun.

So if you see someone come into your party are they seem very confident in there abilities and do a hell of lot of trash talking it may be me or you may find yourself playing a match that your destined to lose.



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