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Activision “No pay no play”


Call of Duty Elite is it worth it? Lots can be said about this so call extention of the Call of Duty games. My thing is when is it ok to start charging extra for game content that should have been included in the games release.

I dont like spending 65 dollars for a game only to find out there is a limited amount of maps. Activision is starting to charge a flat fee for map packs, clan matches, and the ability to see detailed statistics. The people who aren’t knowlegable about this service and the content that used to be free are fine with spending 50 dollars additional per year for this. Me personally I think its a scam. Remember the days when your game was made to keep you satisfied until the next release. Now companies purposely release games that are incomplete due to deadlines that are hard to reach. The new thing is to release your game and then finish it through patches or map packs. Activision thinks it’s ok to keep its 20 pieces of content locked in a safe and release it to you in bits…… On top of this they will charge you 50 dollars a year for it. So for a game like MW3 that you paid 65 dollars for on the release date you now pay 115 dollars for the same game. They must think we are stupid.

Bungie released Halo 2, 3, and Reach with stats and the ability to make your own maps, record your gameplay videos and play against others in team play. And you’re telling me that now with all the advances in technology we have to pay for this. I just dont like being taken advantage of and if we allow Activision to do this other companies will follow. Do you want a scenario that has you paying 120 bucks for games?

Stop this before it gets worse don’t purchase Call of Duty Elite

Jermey Lin – Is he Underrated or Overrated?

My question to the masses is Jeremy Lin underrated? To help you get to your decision I’m going to give you some background stats for this year. Now for a guy like Lin using stats alone will not be enough to grade his worth as a player.

Lin has played in 18 games this year. He started the preseason with the Houston Rockets before being release and picked up by the Knicks. He played 9 games with the Knicks off the bench were he played for no more that 10 Min’s. Even then his efficiency was really good for a player with limited time.  His breakout game came February 4th when he logged 36 min and put up an impressive 25 Points – 7 Assist – 5 Rebounds. These stats to some seem like an anomaly that you would only see this once, but Lin continues to post excellent numbers.

Averaging 27p- 5r – 11a

I enjoy watching him play because he an exceptional ball player. I still have guys who wont give him credit for what he’s doing. People don’t know how hard it is to put up numbers like this in the NBA. Guys who do it on a night to night bases are considered some of the best in the game add in the condensed schedule and its even more impressive to see a guy basically a rookie come in to the league and put a team on his back. The Knicks were all but written off for this season. Carmelo struggling to play with Amar’e and Landry Fields no where as good as he was last year. Questions circled about Mike D’Antoni departure and possibly putting Carmelo or Amar’e on the trading block. This team was going no where until they allowed Jeremy Lin to have his chance and he took it and ran.

This is your basic sports underdog movie happening in real life and I expect a movie within the next couple of years. People try to make this a racial thing but in the sport of basketball if you can play you can play. People may look at you in the beginning and try to guess your skills but that doesn’t mean they classify you once they see you play. Lin had a huge advantage when it came to him playing he doesn’t fit the stereotypical NBA player. He is very  humble and down to earth. I could see myself playing with him at the local gym. So people are caught off guard by the quickness, shooting ability, and athleticism he brings every night he’s on the floor. His game is very aggressive and he is a crafty player, he going to attack the defence for 38 mins and your either going to make adjustments or your going to lose.

NBA 2K12

Jeremy Lin’s rating was increased by 16 points based on his recent play. He is now a 75. Guys immediately jump on the bandwagon and expected him to do things like Kobe and Lebron. He is not that player he will not dunk on 3 people or go 7 for 8 from 3. To use Lin effectively you must know how to use the pick and roll. Learn how to drive and dish to a cutting big. The Knicks team has grown tremendously better since the beginning of February with the acquisition of J. R. Smith I believe they will definitely be a contender if Amar’e and Carmelo can get on the same page. The Knicks have improved there defence behind the smoke screen that is Jeremy Lin.  Lets get back on topic. Back to my original question knowing that Jeremy Lin is rated a 75 on NBA2k do you think this rating is to high or to low? Here are a few other notable players with a 75 rating on the game.

Raymond Felton

Arron Brooks

Kyle Lowry

Rip Hamilton

Michael Beasley

Brandon Roy – Retired



We want more from Xbox 720

Next Year will be the release year for the Next Gen Xbox Console. Already there are a number of rumors that are circulating about what will be included in the Next Gen device.

Here are a few: The Nintendo Wii is slated to release a updated console that will be slightly more powerful than the current XBox and it will use a Tablet like controller that will act as a streaming link to the console. It was met with little excitement so it’s confusing to me why Microsoft would go the same route. It’s funny that all consoles are going back to a Dreamcast like controller. When the biggest dislike was that it was to bulky.

No more borrowing

Among other things rumored one was that the new device is expected to only allow you to play new games. Playing used games will be a thing of the past. This will be the biggest upset out of any of the other reports. I currently use Gamefly for most of the games I play. Implementing a thing like this will definetly be a direct attack against the company and others like Gamestop. Forcing users to pay full price for games that suck and knowing that you are unable to return or sell to a friend would be a crime. Microsoft was late in allowing customers the ability to view avi video formats. I bet during the sample testing they will find this is not a good solution. I hope that this rumor is not true because things like this is what makes people look for ways to bypass there system security.

System Specs

The current system specs of the system would put the next console performance around 10 times more powerful than the current system. I want the most powerful system available but I think Microsoft should look into allowing upgradable components. They really stretched the life span of this current Xbox well beyond what any of us imagined. I don’t really like the thought of a console lasting 10 years with no true upgradable parts. If you look at the current PC setups compared to the Xbox you will find that we are running dinosaur compared to top of the line machines. I want the developers to be pushed in making the best possible game available. Meaning I don’t want them to be limited by hardware capabilities five years down the road. Microsoft makes a ton of money in add-on parts anyway unlike Sony who included a lot of parts in its initial release. Microsoft charges $60 for controllers, $50 for wireless Mics, $100 harddrives and $20 for there wired mics that break for any reason. Here is the rumored specs for the Xbox 720.

Based on the AMD 6000 series, it will be similar to the Radeon HD 6670, bringing support for DirectX11, multi-display, 3D and 1080p HD graphics. If you are a PC gamer these specs will definitely put you to sleep. Microsoft is not a hardware company so I hope they listen to the developers for ideas on what is possible in the next few years.

Game Engines

Unreal 4 Expected Release 2014

CryEngine 4 Expected release 2013

Bungie is building a new Engine from the ground up for Activision.


In the end we want a system that blows our mind and takes us so far into the future that we don’t mind paying 1000 bucks to get it. Don’t sell us a cheap device and say oh this will last forever. Microsoft has the chance to build on something great but they must tread lightly on whether being cheap is the best way to go. Sony Failed last year only because there device didn’t have the right PR and their software was lacking. Hardware is important and in some cases more so than software. All we can do is hope right now, we know this Microsoft is the king of software and Sony is the king of hardware. In a perfect world they would work together and make a system so unique that PC games and Console games would be on the same page but its only a dream.



Mass Effect 3 Demo

Played the demo this morning with the Kinect voice controls and I have to admit this game is going to be amazing.

Release Date March 6, 2012

I was one of the many that thought the Kinect features would be lame and would get old quick but this could be the best gaming experience I have had since… ever. When you are able to speak naturally and get your squad members to react to situations that before required you to fumble through your menus to switch weapons or select special moves. I am a user of the Siri assistant on the IPhone 4s so this is a refreshing feature. With use you will learn to love the ability to switch between voice and physical controls to move through battles and make the gaming experience more fluid.

About the Demo with this demo you can tell they worked closely on the texture of the skin and environment. The initial intro gives you a feeling like your watching “War of the worlds”. I don’t want to  give away to many tidbits of the story but lets just say once you complete the demo you are going to want more. You make your way back to the Normandy and you feel as if you never stopped playing. The voice command for some will be a bit confusing you’ll have to train you mind to use the voice commands for certain things and to use the Xbox controller for others. The enemy is very aggressive and will not sit back and let you think about what weapon you want to use so you will need to be very accurate when deciding your approach and keeping time on your Crew special moves regeneration. I love being able to walk by a downed teammate and say revive to restore there health this lets me feel like I’m still keeping my focus on the battle.

I believe if done correctly a lot of developers will marry the Kinect feature into the game play for a smoother experience.   I can see the use of this on games like Call of duty and Gears of War where you would speak to revive  players, reload, call in care packages, and mark targets or drop zones. The ability to completely control your player with voice controls is an impossible goal. The draw backs of voice controls is the delay. In a competitive world speed and reaction is everything and when you throw in the voice accuracy I think you are looking to fail. I do think there is a market in the Kid game category but that the only place I can see it.

Keep an eye out for this game and have your 60$ because this will be a must have.


The Art of trash talk

Trash-talk is a form of boast or insult commonly heard in competitive situations (such as sports or Gaming events). It is often used to intimidate the opposition, but can also be used in a humorous spirit.

I tend to use this to make games fun. Obviously trash talking someone when you’re not good at a game is the fastest way to be ridiculed. I tend to use this when facing opponents I know are not of a high caliber. I play NBA 2k12 faithfully everyday. I have been playing this franchise since the original on Dreamcast. I have ranked in the top 20 at least 6 times over the last 12 version with 2 top 5 rankings. So let me tell you if you plan on talking trash to me I expect you to be really good. Normally what happens to most player is they have guys they play in there inner circle and those guys never really peak skill wise. So they believe they are better than they really are. Unless you’ve played against top tier competition and you believe you have the tools to beat almost anyone you can not come into any party and call people out.

The point of trash talking is to make your opponent believe he can beat you before you play and then embarrassing him while you crush him. This is hilarious if you haven’t tried it please do. We also have like to do the party bomb attack this is when you jump in a party of guys playing a specific game with a buddy of yours who is equally good and you call out people by telling them you will smash them by 50. Everyone in a party has one guy who will always fall for this trap. He will get really mad and say play me now “no ones going to talk to me that way” you will play him and destroy him in front of the entire party. This to me is the most satisfying way to game.

There is also the guys who trash talk during the game to get people to play out of there normal style. This too is an effective way of playing if your game is not affected by you trash talking. I find this funny also people sometime turn off there mic just to concentrate. When you get into someones head and you are telling him what hes going to do before he does it.

Every so often I will run into someone who is very good at trash talking. For me some of the best trash talkers are from England. They say some of the funniest things and when you listen to thier accent it makes it hilarious. Me and a buddy of mine who is really good at trash talking were playing Call of Duty we met up against some guys from england and naturally we began trash talking. All of a sudden these guys had us laughing at the shit they where saying. I would tell you some of the shit they were saying but it was really (NO HOLDS BAR X rated). Really good trash talkers are hard to find. Primarly because the way the lobbies in games are made now you dont have enough time before or after the game to build on your trash talking skills. The best games that had perfect trash talking lobbies were Halo 2 COD MW1, and NBA 2k5. These to me were the holy grail of trash talking games. These games allowed you to play for 15 mins and trash talk for 30 or more. Then looking at gamertags and starting up private matches really made it fun.

So if you see someone come into your party are they seem very confident in there abilities and do a hell of lot of trash talking it may be me or you may find yourself playing a match that your destined to lose.