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Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception

This is a pretty late review of the game but I have to write it after playing 13+ chapters of the best game I have played since God of War 3. This game is great. I’m going to break down the ratings on this games strong points.

Graphics: This game is only available on the PS3 and it probably could only be played on this console because the amount of space needed on disk and the processing power needed exceeds the Xbox 360. The amount of detail that went into this game is astonishing.  From close ups on characters to distant villages and mountain views. This game displays amazing touch and give you the personal feeling that you are no longer playing the game and just experiencing an adventure. If you knew you could get this kind of quality from the games you purchased I would have no problem paying 75 bucks on this game.

Game play: This is were it gets tricky. The game does some great things with the controls and it does some horrible things. The aiming system needs work, manually aiming at closing enemies is a tough task and evading enemies in fight sequences can almost be an instant death sentence. That said Climbing, Button mashing melee’s, Sneak attacks, and the mixture of all them I think the engineers couldn’t have done a better job. The games ability to make you think and solve problems on the fly with enough action and suspense to cause a heart attack is phenomenal. This may be the only title since God of War that improves on the game each year and makes you want more. My wife and I play this game as a team because once you start you attempt to beat the game in one sitting. The game/movie is intense with drama, love, betrayal and Action.

My Rating: 9.7 



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