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Gaming “Camping” Defined

Most of you do this from time to time and then there are some of you who can’t play unless your doing it. This post is to help you classify which group your in.

I enjoy playing games like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War. One of the most annoying things I run in to is guys finding a point on the map where they hold up and camp.

Termed “Camping” the definition of Camping is “a tactic in which a player will obtain a strategic position in a confined space where you are not seen or can be engaged at any angle. Camping is hiding where only one way in one way out situations. If you are exposed and just have a proper point of view of the action, you may get a kill but it is not camping, that is holding a strategic location for your teams benefits”.

This definition of Camping was given courtesy of Wiki. Note this is not fully descriptive of the true reasons behind camping. I’ll help them out on the matter. While games like Call of Duty will promote the worst kind of campers because the game rewards you with Kill Streaks for most consecutive kills. Games like Halo will promote team work for besting the other team. Although all games allow some sort of camping. Camping has come along way since the early First person shooters. Maps are now designed to allow both side numerous entry and exit points to allow for fair play. Also game types promote moving from place to place to earn points and help your team win. Call of Duty has improved on this tremendously.

Now back to the point of this article, What category are you in do you get a kick out of running and gunning or do you like to sit in one spot and wait for the enemy to go by? I find my self doing this on CoD, 18 kill streak unlocks my Osprey I’m running around and I realize I’m very close to my top kill streak. I will find a good spot where the enemy passes and try to finish up the kill streak.  This is no where as bad as sitting in the same spot all game holding your one little spot. Look Camping is a virus that infect honest gamers and kills the gaming experience it may be fun to call in your kill streaks and have a high kill to death ratio but it makes you think your better than you actually are. If you played against real Pro of the game you would get destroyed camping or not. 

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