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NBA 2K12 Defensive Settings

I am a hardcore NBA 2k Player and these are the setting that will make you successful in winning games.

 Defensive Sets

HalfCourt Press – The halfcourt press is used to defend against 3 point shooters. Be mindful that you will be vulnerable to good penetrating players so switch to your center or power to cut the driving player off. This will give you a strong defensive set and allow you to get stops when needed.

2-3 Zone – The 2-3 zone on NBA 2K12 is very good is you know how to run it correctly. Be mindful if you don’t know how to run it correctly you will get more 3 pointer shot on you than ball boy at a 3 point contest. The key to making this work is using your guards to pressure point guards in to shooting contested 3 or making bad passed. Switching to your Center or PF is forbidden because this will throw off the help defense response time.

For a button layout and detail decription of what everything does check out my guys over at Operation Sports link provided below.

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