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NBA Season off to a fast start

The NBA has started and is off to a fast start. The Miami heat are looking to get the championship this year and there play has showed they are ready. With a re-imaged Lebron James and strong performances from there rookie PG Norris Cole. I expect them to get to the finals again this year but can they close the deal?

7 Games into the season and These are the teams I expect to have a strong showing.  Starting with the Western Conference.

Portland Trail Blazers: The Portland was questioned coming into this season concerning a retiring Brandon Roy because of bad knees and an always injured Greg Oden who resigned with the club for 1 year 8 million. They have since added Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford. They have a very solid back court and the teams only weakness is the front court. LaMarcus Aldridge is starting his second breakout year posting Allstar numbers but who do you have backing him up. They need a little more power in that department before I consider them contenders.

Oklahoma City: This Team is well balanced from top to bottom. Kevin Durant will continue to have a phenomenal year with a cast of Westbrook, Ibaka, Perkins and  James Harden. The only thing I can think off keeping this team from being a contender is Russell Westbrook, He has the skill to be a superstar but his head is keeping the team from excelling. He has to learn to coexist with Durant and they will make each other unstoppable.

L. A. Lakers: With a new head coach and several new cast members Kobe and Gasol will go for number 3 together. At the beginning of the season I did not expect much from the Lakers who are dying at the PG position but with hustle players like McRoberts and Devin Ebanks. They still have a strong chance to compete for a title. Mike Brown defensive schemes have allow the Lakers to compensate for loses of Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown. I’m loving the ball movement of this new Lakers team.

L. A. Clippers: The clippers have added enough pieces to compete. but I still see them needing some backup pieces to come out the west. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are some off the best talent around so we will see if they can pull it off.

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