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Gaming “Camping” Defined

Most of you do this from time to time and then there are some of you who can’t play unless your doing it. This post is to help you classify which group your in.

I enjoy playing games like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War. One of the most annoying things I run in to is guys finding a point on the map where they hold up and camp.

Termed “Camping” the definition of Camping is “a tactic in which a player will obtain a strategic position in a confined space where you are not seen or can be engaged at any angle. Camping is hiding where only one way in one way out situations. If you are exposed and just have a proper point of view of the action, you may get a kill but it is not camping, that is holding a strategic location for your teams benefits”.

This definition of Camping was given courtesy of Wiki. Note this is not fully descriptive of the true reasons behind camping. I’ll help them out on the matter. While games like Call of Duty will promote the worst kind of campers because the game rewards you with Kill Streaks for most consecutive kills. Games like Halo will promote team work for besting the other team. Although all games allow some sort of camping. Camping has come along way since the early First person shooters. Maps are now designed to allow both side numerous entry and exit points to allow for fair play. Also game types promote moving from place to place to earn points and help your team win. Call of Duty has improved on this tremendously.

Now back to the point of this article, What category are you in do you get a kick out of running and gunning or do you like to sit in one spot and wait for the enemy to go by? I find my self doing this on CoD, 18 kill streak unlocks my Osprey I’m running around and I realize I’m very close to my top kill streak. I will find a good spot where the enemy passes and try to finish up the kill streak.  This is no where as bad as sitting in the same spot all game holding your one little spot. Look Camping is a virus that infect honest gamers and kills the gaming experience it may be fun to call in your kill streaks and have a high kill to death ratio but it makes you think your better than you actually are. If you played against real Pro of the game you would get destroyed camping or not. 

Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception

This is a pretty late review of the game but I have to write it after playing 13+ chapters of the best game I have played since God of War 3. This game is great. I’m going to break down the ratings on this games strong points.

Graphics: This game is only available on the PS3 and it probably could only be played on this console because the amount of space needed on disk and the processing power needed exceeds the Xbox 360. The amount of detail that went into this game is astonishing.  From close ups on characters to distant villages and mountain views. This game displays amazing touch and give you the personal feeling that you are no longer playing the game and just experiencing an adventure. If you knew you could get this kind of quality from the games you purchased I would have no problem paying 75 bucks on this game.

Game play: This is were it gets tricky. The game does some great things with the controls and it does some horrible things. The aiming system needs work, manually aiming at closing enemies is a tough task and evading enemies in fight sequences can almost be an instant death sentence. That said Climbing, Button mashing melee’s, Sneak attacks, and the mixture of all them I think the engineers couldn’t have done a better job. The games ability to make you think and solve problems on the fly with enough action and suspense to cause a heart attack is phenomenal. This may be the only title since God of War that improves on the game each year and makes you want more. My wife and I play this game as a team because once you start you attempt to beat the game in one sitting. The game/movie is intense with drama, love, betrayal and Action.

My Rating: 9.7 



LaMarcus Aldridge Underrated

Hi NBA world if you haven’t noticed the Portland Trailblazers are playing very well so far this year but I still don’t feel like people are taking the number one guy on the team serious enough. I think LaMarcus is underrated because he plays for a small market team. This guy should be hands down an All-star this season after being cheated out of one last year. I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m venting but its the truth. Nobody can name me three things on the court that he can’t do cause I only can think of one and that’s shoot three’s. He can shoot post up and put the ball on the ground to create a shot. The blazers are a top team in the NBA this season and he’s a big part of the teams success. After this season I think the LaMarcus Aldridge bandwagon will start and become full so get aboard quickly!!!!

Must see movies

Here the list of movies that I plan on seeing Please feel free to watch the trailers I have provided. These movies are coming out this month.

Underworld Awakening
[cinemabase tt1496025 video_player]

The Grey with my boy Liam Neeson

[cinemabase tt1601913 video_player]

Chronicle – This movie has the potential to make tons of money if its half as good and the trailers make it

[cinemabase tt1706593 video_player]

LeBron James the MVP

MVP snub LeBron James has come into the league and produced crazy numbers that no one can compete with and yet we bypass giving him MVP each year after he left Cleveland. The media chooses the MVP before the players play any game. This year Kevin Durant will get the MVP but currently he’s not producing better numbers than LeBron. Is the MVP voting system tainted do we need some other unbias way to grade players performance throughout the season to crown the most valuable player?

Let just look at the stats from his rookie year to 2012. Career average of 27.7 ppg 7.1 rpg and 7.0 apg

4-Mar CLE 79 39.5 0.417 0.29 5.5 5.9 1.6 0.7 20.9
5-Apr CLE 80 42.4 0.472 0.351 7.4 7.2 2.2 0.6 27.2
6-May CLE 79 42.5 0.48 0.335 7 6.6 1.6 0.8 31.4
7-Jun CLE 78 40.9 0.476 0.319 6.7 6 1.6 0.7 27.3
8-Jul CLE 75 40.4 0.484 0.315 7.9 7.2 1.8 1.1 30
9-Aug CLE 81 37.7 0.489 0.344 7.6 7.2 1.7 1.2 28.4
10-Sep CLE 76 39 0.503 0.333 7.3 8.6 1.6 1 29.7
11-Oct MIA 79 38.8 0.51 0.33 7.5 7 1.6 0.6 26.7
12-Nov MIA 8 36.3 0.601 0 7.6 7.6 2 0.9 30.1
Career 635 40.1 0.48 0.329 7.1 7 1.7 0.8 27.7
All-Star 6 25.3 0.504 0.35 6.3 5.3 1.8 0.3 23.7

These stats are ridiculous!! His stats aren’t better than Michael Jordan’s but in this current generation he is by far the best producer. With stats like these it is amazing that he only has 2 MVP’s. I know what most of you will say but he has no rings. Ok fair statement but understand that the MVP award is a regular season award and what LeBron does in the playoffs is not factored in. I’m not a LeBron hater but I respect his game,
he is a freak of nature when it comes to a 6’8″ SF that averages 27.7 a game and is a lock down defender. Derrick Rose was the MVP last year and averaged 25PPG 7APG and 4RPG. Now I like Derrick Rose and I think his play was great last year but compared to LeBron’s stats he was not the MVP in fact Russell Westbrook put up Derrick Rose numbers last year so you could say he deserved it also. The bottom line is that when LeBron is on the court he makes the team better and I mean way better. Isn’t this the Definition of MVP?



Who’s the best power forward of 11-12

Me and my buddies always have this debate about who’s the best power forward in the league this year.

Now I’m going to start my list with the 10 guys that are considered the best of the best.

1: Kevin Love
2: Zach Randolph
3: Kevin Garnett
4: Pau Gasol
5: Carlos Boozer
6: Chris Bosh
7: Dirk Nowitzki
8: LaMarcus Aldridge
9: Tim Duncan- best of all time
10: Amare Stoudemire

This group of player can all be considered at some point in there careers the the best in the league. But for the sake of this article we are only going to talk about guys producing this year.

My buddie LJ thinks that LaMarcus Aldridge should be considered the best in the league now and is mad that he was snubbed from the All-Star game last year. This is my take on LA he has improved his game every year he’s been in the league and is putting up All-Star number early this year but there is one stat I would like to see improved from him. Rebounding: As of today he is averaging 7.7 rebounds a game and he plays the power forward position a position responsible for rebounding. He should at least average 10. His offensive number have been good 21.9ppg. I like his mid range jumper and his activity around the basket but that one stat is keeping him out of the top PF conversation. He has carried his team to a 5-2 record to start the season but can he continue this output to get his team to the conference finals?

My top PF in the game as of today is Kevin Love. Yes the guy who plays for Minnesota Timebrwolves. This guy had a breakout year last year and has become even more consistent this year. Posting ridiculous numbers thus far 26.1ppg and 14.9rpg. This guy is 6’10” and can hoop his teams record is only 2-5 but they have loss a couple of nail bitters to top tier teams like Miami and have beaten teams like the spurs and the mavs. If he can keep up this kind of output I am considering him my fav pick for MVP. I expect the timberwolves to make the playoff’s.


Modern Warfare 3 Prestige

This will detail the guns that will get you to Prestige the fastest… MW3 allows you to prestige once you get to level 80.


MP7: This guns is by far the best submachine gun on the game. The only knock is that by time you unlock this gun you will be close to prestiging.


Red Dot

Rapid Fire X2

Blind Eye




Type 95: The best gun on the game by far. This weapon will carry you all the way to prestiging. This gun allows you to kill the enemy with a 3 shot burst.


Red Dot

Rapid Fire X2

Assassins Pro


blind eye


AS50: My personal favorite The AS50 is the best sniper on the game with a 5 shot clip and automatic fire. With good mobility and 1 shot kills this weapon is deadly.




Assassins Pro

NBA 2K12 Defensive Settings

I am a hardcore NBA 2k Player and these are the setting that will make you successful in winning games.

 Defensive Sets

HalfCourt Press – The halfcourt press is used to defend against 3 point shooters. Be mindful that you will be vulnerable to good penetrating players so switch to your center or power to cut the driving player off. This will give you a strong defensive set and allow you to get stops when needed.

2-3 Zone – The 2-3 zone on NBA 2K12 is very good is you know how to run it correctly. Be mindful if you don’t know how to run it correctly you will get more 3 pointer shot on you than ball boy at a 3 point contest. The key to making this work is using your guards to pressure point guards in to shooting contested 3 or making bad passed. Switching to your Center or PF is forbidden because this will throw off the help defense response time.

For a button layout and detail decription of what everything does check out my guys over at Operation Sports link provided below.

NBA Eden of the east

Part 2 of Favorites to come out of the East

Miami Heat: If there was a team that I would say the title is theirs to lose this would be it. Miami has a dynamic team and the chemistry seams to be there this year. Additions like Shane Battier and Norris Cole helps the second unit when Dwade and Lebron need rest. They also acquired Eddy Curry a.k.a The Hamburglar He has trimmed down slightly but I want to see if he can produce when they need him.

New York Knicks: The Knicks have a problem although they should be a better team this year they still have no defensive presence. I chalk this up as bad coaching from Mike D’antoni, he is a offensive minded coach in a city that likes defense.  I think the Knicks need a coaching change to become a true contender but having Carmelo on your team is enough to get you there. Additions of Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, and Tyson Chandler are huge boost to the front line so I wont count them out but they have a long road ahead.

Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose is the leader of this team and they will go as far as he takes them. He just received a huge raise and coming off a MVP season. I want to see how this team responds to becoming a target. No more underdog approach. Carlos Boozer didn’t get off to a great start with his new team but I expect him to have a strong showing this year now that chemistry wont be an issue. Addition of Richard Hamilton will allow them to get better shots in the half court offense. I believe the Bulls will be contenders this year.

Boston Celtics: One final ride for Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. It comes a time when you look at players that are aging and say there done! Kevin Garnett is coming up on that mark. Ray Allen is a shooter and he will always do that well. Paul Pierce have a couple of good years left in him. I don’t know if these guys can make it to compete this year but I love the competitive fire they play with. They will still be a tough road block for a contender.



NBA Season off to a fast start

The NBA has started and is off to a fast start. The Miami heat are looking to get the championship this year and there play has showed they are ready. With a re-imaged Lebron James and strong performances from there rookie PG Norris Cole. I expect them to get to the finals again this year but can they close the deal?

7 Games into the season and These are the teams I expect to have a strong showing.  Starting with the Western Conference.

Portland Trail Blazers: The Portland was questioned coming into this season concerning a retiring Brandon Roy because of bad knees and an always injured Greg Oden who resigned with the club for 1 year 8 million. They have since added Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford. They have a very solid back court and the teams only weakness is the front court. LaMarcus Aldridge is starting his second breakout year posting Allstar numbers but who do you have backing him up. They need a little more power in that department before I consider them contenders.

Oklahoma City: This Team is well balanced from top to bottom. Kevin Durant will continue to have a phenomenal year with a cast of Westbrook, Ibaka, Perkins and  James Harden. The only thing I can think off keeping this team from being a contender is Russell Westbrook, He has the skill to be a superstar but his head is keeping the team from excelling. He has to learn to coexist with Durant and they will make each other unstoppable.

L. A. Lakers: With a new head coach and several new cast members Kobe and Gasol will go for number 3 together. At the beginning of the season I did not expect much from the Lakers who are dying at the PG position but with hustle players like McRoberts and Devin Ebanks. They still have a strong chance to compete for a title. Mike Brown defensive schemes have allow the Lakers to compensate for loses of Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown. I’m loving the ball movement of this new Lakers team.

L. A. Clippers: The clippers have added enough pieces to compete. but I still see them needing some backup pieces to come out the west. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are some off the best talent around so we will see if they can pull it off.